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Author Strategy Instrument Trades per Month Trading Style Profit Factor Avg. Annual Gain Max Drawdown Min Investment Monthly Subscription
55★ ★ ★ ★ ★ TF SystemsApexAC IndexES3Swing1.769,7644,53415,000104
57★ ★ ★ ★ ★ TF SystemsApexAC DiversityMulti12Swing1.4117,6748,62720,000250
Author Strategy Instrument Trades per Month Trading Style Profit Factor Avg. Annual Gain Max Drawdown Min Investment Monthly Subscription

A Reality Check…

Mechanical trading systems are algorithmic, and behave according to the formulas and input programmed into them. They are developed by testing against historical data. Systems are there to exploit inefficiencies in the market in contrast to the belief that they are there to increase capital. Systems take advantage of the price in a specific point in time when an inefficiency is detected. The “making money” part is a result of the system’s ability to predict the price action in the right direction. This perspective will help you understand the behavior of systems, drawdowns, and risk versus reward.

So what is price “inefficiency”? Inefficiency is a price deviation that occurs in the market and is detected by an indicator, by price action and/or a statistical deviation pointing one way while the price is going in a different direction. For example an “exhaustion” point where a price reversal will occur. Also, systems will look for price continuation (trend) once certain levels are broken or touched. The idea is that the trend will continue in one price direction or another. In essence this is what a given methodology is all about.

Risk Management

The second part of systems that you should be aware of is the risk management. This is the part that manages the trades that don’t go in your favor, where you have to get out to minimize risk. One measure of such risk is the historical "drawdown" of a system.Read More…


There are a number of system execution mechanisms available, however we adhere to a specific protocol to execute the systems in our facility. We don’t use Internet-based solutions or tiered servers that cause high latency, or rely on vendors sending signalsRead More…

Why Use Automation

You have heard enough about “emotions” and Trading. We are not here to teach you another lesson about how fear and greed affect traders. Neither are we going to tell you that systems are here to replace your discretionary trading.Read More…

Algorithmic Trading System Developers

If you are a system developer and would like to earn while offering your system to other traders, please consider partnering with SystemsTrading.Com in showcasing your talent. We do not charge developers to include their system’s performance, nor do we limit the number of systems a developer may display.

You will be compensated on a per unit basis, where the unit basis is determined by a specific dollar amount per system. We will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect your intellectual property, and/or system while making sure that you will get compensated for each customer that has a subscription to the methodology.

Why should you consider listing with us?

We run our systems on TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, SierraChart. Also, if you have a platform of your own, we could connect you to the Rithmic API for the execution of your orders.

We run all automated systems on our dedicated server in Chicago to achieve low latency execution while being supervised by a professional team of programmers, traders and technicians.

SystemsTrading.Com algorithmic division of Optimus Trading Group will give your system the latest technology in low latency execution to give your system it’s full capability.

We will test your system free of charge, and confirm with you the signals that your system generates. We would do so in a demo mode until you are comfortable with the system.

About Us:

Optimus Trading Group is a Guaranteed Introducing Broker of Vision Financial Markets LLC. Optimus Trading Group is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. There are costs associated with algorithmic and automated trading systems: you will be charged for leasing the system for the specified time period and pay commissions, NFA fees and routing fees on a per contract basis.